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Communication and Education

Code: 105058 ECTS Credits: 6
Degree Type Year Semester
2500798 Primary Education OT 4 1


Marta Bertrán Tarrés

Use of Languages

Principal working language:
english (eng)
Some groups entirely in English:
Some groups entirely in Catalan:
Some groups entirely in Spanish:

External teachers

Georg Krammer
Heiko Vogl
Katharina Kamitz
Marlene Grabner
Martin Auferbauer
Susanne Linhofer


There are no prerequisites

Objectives and Contextualisation

The aim of this module is that students develop an understanding of communicative approaches in the context of teaching. Students will understand the importance of modern information and communication technologies and will enhance their scientific communication skills. In particular they will be introduced to the sociological and psychological concept of communication and the concept of resonance pedagogy. Above that they will be dealing with the concept of creative classrooms and develop a practical approach to communicative language teaching.

 Skills aims - the students will:


  • Enhance their reflection abilities

  • Enhance personality traits underlying communication skills

  • Be able to apply personality traits in the teaching profession

  • Understand the concept of “creative classrooms” as a multidimensional concept.

  • Apply digital tools in language education (comics, videos)

    Create their own “communication tool box”   


  • Know about religion throughout history and its relationship with culture.
  • Maintain a critical and autonomous relationship with respect to knowledge, values and public, social and private institutions.
  • Respect the diversity and the plurality of ideas, people and situations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Defend, modify and rebuild one’s own ideas and convictions through acceptance and appreciation of different opinions and judgments.
  2. Interpreting systematically the practice of religion in different cultures and its social, ethical and cultural influence, in order to acquire respectful conducts towards other religions and cultures.
  3. Know about religion throughout history and its relationship with culture.


  • Communicative approaches in the context of teaching

  • The concept of “Creative Classroom Framework” and its application to language learning

  • The key elements for developing “Creative Classrooms”

  • The concept of resonance pedagogy and

  • Communicative language teaching tools


The methodology is based on the premise that students may be active on their learning process.


Title Hours ECTS Learning Outcomes
Type: Directed      
Full group 45 1.8 1
Type: Supervised      
Supervised work 30 1.2 2
Type: Autonomous      
Authonomous work 75 3 3, 1


First day of class will be indicated the work to pass the subject. Copying or plagiarism on an examination or work will be considered a 0 at the activity.

Assessment Activities

Title Weighting Hours ECTS Learning Outcomes
Classroom assessment 33% 0 0 3
Follow-up assessment 33% 0 0 1, 2
Group work 34 % 0 0 1


Bibliography will be provide at the begining of the course.