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External Work Placements I

Code: 45041 ECTS Credits: 24
Degree Type Year Semester
3500070 Legal Profession and Legal Representation OB 2 1


Jorge Miquel Rodríguez

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To have a Law Degree and fulfill the enrolement requirements

Objectives and Contextualisation


Integration in a Law Firm or any other that requires a Lawyer or legal representative

Learning Outcomes

  • CA08 (Competence) Interact appropriately with members of the general public, institutions and other professional practitioners.
  • CA10 (Competence) Uphold professional secrecy and confidentiality in relation to matters on which one is entrusted.
  • CA11 (Competence) Do professional work in specialised and interdisciplinary teams.
  • KA08 (Knowledge) Determine the appropriate legal instrument to represent interested parties before third parties, before public administrations and before courts.
  • SA19 (Skill) Appropriately apply procedural techniques in the execution of actions in different jurisdictions, with special attention to deadlines, official notices, execution and enforcement.
  • SA37 (Skill) Extract legal consequences from the facts in a properly argued manner, and in all judicial areas.
  • SA41 (Skill) Properly integrate the right to defence and representation in legal proceedings of clients within the framework of national and international judicial protection systems.
  • SA42 (Skill) Express oneself orally and in writing in a manner that is appropriate for the context and the special needs or characteristics of each addressee.


Working in a law firm developing the competences of a lawyer or a legal representative



Same as PR I

Annotation: Within the schedule set by the centre or degree programme, 15 minutes of one class will be reserved for students to evaluate their lecturers and their courses or modules through questionnaires.


Title Hours ECTS Learning Outcomes
Type: Directed      
same as Practic I 275 11
Type: Supervised      
same as Practic I 275 11
Type: Autonomous      
same as Practic I 50 2



Same as Pr I


90% mark report by tutor

10% mark report by student

Assessment Activities

Title Weighting Hours ECTS Learning Outcomes
Student report 10% 0 0 CA08, CA10, CA11, KA08, SA19, SA37, SA41, SA42
Tutor report 90% 0 0


Same as PR I