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Code: 42500 ECTS Credits: 10
Degree Type Year Semester
4313382 Advanced Studies in Catalan Language and Literature OT 0 2


David Paloma Sanllehi

Teaching groups languages

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External teachers

Francesc Bernat


To register for the course Pràctiques Externes/Prácticas Externas or Practicum, one must contact the Masters coordinator so that the profile of the student who requests to do an internship and the suitability of the internship in connection to the competences and the learning outcomes of the Masters programme can be evaluated.

Objectives and Contextualisation

Job practice is considered a 10ETCS-subject within the MA course (Estudis Avançats de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes). This optional subject takes place in the second semester. It aims at providing students with the opportunity to work in private companies and public institutions which are prepared to train temporary workers so that they may perform tasks related to the Master’s core subjects. Students will be assigned an external tutor and their job will be regulated according to a work agreement.


  • Analyse, interpret, revise and produce texts in Catalan.
  • Show respect for the opinions, values, behaviours, and practice of other researchers and professionals.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply knowledge and skills to the assigned tasks.
  2. Show respect for the opinions, values, behaviours, and practice of other researchers and professionals.


Job practice usually takes place within the working environment of a private company (e.g. a publishing house or a newspaper) or a public institution (e.g. a radio or TV language service). However, students who are willing to have a good grasp of ongoing research (whenever related to any subject included in the Master) will be allowed to work as an assistant in any project within the range provided by any research team of either the UAB or the UB.

Job positions are usually found within the following fields: mass media (press, radio, TV, webpages), press agents, civil service departments (in particular, those relate to the public use of Catalan language), publishing houses, cultural foundations, university language offices, libraries and archives, as well as university research centres.

Students will have to deal with tasks that are proper to the following fields: publishing, supervising language usage in journalism (both in written and oral form), language consultancy, language standardization, cultural promotion, lbrary and archive cataloguing, as well as management and dissemination of research output in Catalan studies.


University tutor/s provide guidance prior to the student’s choice of a job. Then students should endevour to carry on their tasks following the advice of their external tutor. At the end, they must submit a report of their activity including an in-depth assesment of both their performance and the progress in learning they may have acquired. Agreeements are signed for 230 working hours (with flexible working timetables);preparation of the final report is estimated at about 20 hours.

The teaching methodology and the evaluation proposed in the guide may undergo some modification subject to the onsite teaching restrictions imposed by health authorities. 

Annotation: Within the schedule set by the centre or degree programme, 15 minutes of one class will be reserved for students to evaluate their lecturers and their courses or modules through questionnaires.


Title Hours ECTS Learning Outcomes
Type: Supervised      
Job practice 230 9.2 1
Type: Autonomous      
Final job report 20 0.8 1


Assessment will be based on the external tutor’s report (50%) and the student’s report of his/her task (50%), which must be submitted when finished the job practice. Final grades are decided by the university tutor/s.

On carrying out each evaluation activity, lecturers will inform students (on Moodle) of the procedures to be followed for reviewing all grades awarded, and the date on which such a review will take place.

No Matrícula d'Honor grade is awarded due to the optional nature of this grade and the heterogeneity of this subject in the different degrees taught in the Faculty. The course Pràctiques Externes cannot be reassessed in the event that the student fails.

Students will obtain a Not assessed/Not submitted course grade unless they have submitted more than 30% of the assessment items.

In the event of a student committing any irregularity that may lead to a significant variation in the grade awarded to an assessment activity, the student will be given a zero for this activity, regardless of any disciplinary process that may take place. In the event of several irregularities in assessment activities of the same subject, the student will be given a zero as the final grade for this subject. 


This subject/module does not incorporate single assessment.


Assessment Activities

Title Weighting Hours ECTS Learning Outcomes
External tutor's report 50% 0 0 1
Student's final job report 50% 0 0 1, 2